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My Favorite Modern Artists & Works

1.    Piet Mondrian, with his De Stijl (The Style) arts. 

For example, please see Composition No. II, with Red and Blue, 1929; and Trafalgar Square1939-43.

2.    Marcel Duchamp, Leaving "Retinal art" behind

For example, please see Fountain, 1917, replica 1964. Here is my reflection essay, "Can One Make Works that Are Not Works of Art?"

3.    Alexander Rodchenko, Russian constructivist and productivist artist

For example, please see Pure Red Color, Pure Yellow Color, Pure Blue Color, 1921. I wrote an analysis essay on the work, "None for Freedom and None for Logic".

4.    Max Ernest, the peak of surrealism

I wrote a comparasion essay between his collage novel One Week of Kindness (Une Semaine de bonté) and German Dada work, "Absurdity or Rationality".

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